More Shower SPACE®

10 Reasons to Love Our Unique Shower Curtain

1.❤️ More Space

Tips out naturally, stays away from your body. It's a neat balancing act. Patrick the Inventor is 6'3".

unique shower curtain, patrick showing shower space



2.❤️ Up in Seconds

No rings. No clips. SPACE® Liner arrives 100% pre-assembled. Just pop it onto your shower rod. 

unique shower curtain, patrick setting up curtain


3.❤️ Machine Washable

Textile liner maintains premium beauty, wash after wash. Say goodbye to YUCK.

recycle shower curtain, machine washable liner


4.❤️ Zero Plastic Waste

Old plastic shower liner = 1,800 straws. Change it every 6 months? That's 10 straws / day in the ocean :-(

recycle shower curtain, save money and less waste


5.❤️ Save Money

Stop repeat-spending $20 on throwaway plastic junk. Our fabric liner will last years.

recycle shower curtain, save money, lasting value


6.❤️ More Light

Frosted panels deliver illumination and privacy.

More space and light, a daily delight. Frosted panels let light in


7.❤️ Pick Your Style

Amazing SPACE® Liner inside, amazing SPACE® Curtain outside. No rings necessary, just 8 easy buttonholes. Full tub coverage with a unique shower curtain.

pick your SPACE style, clingless shower curtain


8.❤️ Made in USA, Baby!

Pleated panels took years to design and patent; manufacturing engineers ensure flawless quality; color box and assembly ... all in USA ... over 85% of economic value is here. Fabric bag and liner from overseas. Good balance, good value.

unique shower curtain designs, made in USA


9.❤️ You Can Keep Your Curtain

We get it. You already have a decorative style. So we offer 8 custom hooks that pinch-hold your unique shower curtain onto the SPACE® Liner. Up in 8 seconds!

unique shower curtain designs, SPACE® Hooks


10.❤️ Best of All, No New Hardware!

Why bother with a curved shower rod? Then threading 12 rings -- twice -- thru a liner and a curtain? Such a pricey hassle!

No Remodeling Hardware Needed, unique shower curtain