More Shower SPACE™

10 Reasons to ❤️

1.❤️ More Space

Patrick the Inventor created Origami "pleating" that naturally keeps the liner away from your body. It's a neat balancing act.



2.❤️ Up in Seconds

Hoops just pop onto your shower rod. The hoops, pleated panels and liner arrive 100% pre-assembled, so the entire system is up in a flash right out-of-the-box. No rings. No clips.


3.❤️ Machine Washable

Say goodbye to YUCK. Our fabric liner keeps its premium beauty, wash after wash. No more throwaway routine! After all, we don't throw away bedsheets when they're dirty.


4.❤️ Save Money

Stop spending on throwaway plastic junk. Our waterproof fabric liner is a lasting value, wash after wash.


5.❤️ Zero Plastic Waste

A typical shower liner contains as much plastic as 1,800 straws. If you change it every 6 months, that's like throwing away 10 straws a day into the ocean.


6.❤️ Pick Your Style

Amazing SPACE™ Liner inside, add your decorative choice outside. No rings necessary. Simply attach with 8 simple buttonholes and enjoy full tub coverage.

SPACE Curtain Collection 2019


7.❤️ Less Cost & Hassle

Why bother with the expense and installation of new hardware like a curved rod, and then threading 12 rings -- twice -- thru a liner and a curtain? Keep your regular straight shower rod. Then hang the SPACE™ System and thread 8 simple buttonholes. Just as much elbow-room and style ... much less hassle.

No Remodeling Hardware


8.❤️ Made in USA, Baby!

Patented panels & hoops took years to design and engineer. We considered overseas partners, but they didn't have the high-performance talent and equipment to drive the quality and speed we needed for flawless mass-manufacturing. Color box and assembly also made in USA. Over 85% of the economic value is domestic. The fabric bag and liner are they least costly and complex items. They are made in China, where textile quality and price remain competitive (for now) and deliver best value to our customers.


9.❤️ More Light

Frosted panels ensure privacy, while letting in more light. Illumination adds to a feeling of freedom and joy in constrained spaces.

More space and light, a daily delight. Frosted panels let light in


10.❤️ Keep Your Curtain

You love your outer decorative curtain: it's the perfect color and and style for your bathroom. We get it. So we designed optional drapery hooks that fit on the 8 hoops of your SPACE™ Liner. Don't use your 12 old shower rings. They will tangle and not fully cover our panels anyway.

SPACE™ Hooks