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Backers Who Believe

Patrick the Inventor


Happy Campaign Update: $3,700 raised as of January 13, 2021

Sales are picking up and we're profitable on a per-unit basis. All major production and promotion challenges are solved. Our catalog is live on our website, and on Facebook Shop, Instagram Shop, Google Shopping and Amazon. Wayfair is next.

This is normally when a small business gets growth funds. Alas, in these times, banks aren't lending. So I opened this private crowdlending page (1-year loan at 10% interest). I'm happy to reward 💸 Backers who Believe 🥰

I am only raising $9,500 for immediate expenses, a prudent path to growth. This is a loan, not a donation. You can lend a little, or a lot. But please only do so if you can afford to take such a risk. All business is speculative.



Use of Funds

1) Operations

$1,800 Warehousing & Logistics
$900 Essential Worker Wages
$900 Business Insurance Renewal
$500 Inventory Customization
$300 Uline Packing Supplies
$300 UPS Shipping Credits
$300 Fedex Shipping Credits


2) Marketing & Sales

$1,800 Email Automation Setup
$1,500 SEO Optimization
$500 Amazon Platform Credits
$500 Shopify Platform Credits
$200 Klaviyo Platform Credits