More Shower SPACE™

Popular Questions

These are my replies to initial pre-order customers from the test production run in July 2016.


How does it work?

Curvi Curvi™ works naturally with gravity. You don't need to "do" anything, it just curves the curtain as it hangs on your shower rod. It's a neat balancing act that keeps the curtain away from the body. 

I used the ancient art of Origami to connect shower rings to folded sheets of plastic "fins" at the top. The resulting curtain "pleats" act as levers from the outside, holding the curtain away at elbow-level. And the like pleats of an accordion, the fins fold open and close when you exit and enter the shower.

Will it fit my shower?

Curvi It should. Although every bathroom is different, Curvi™ is designed for most standard shower configurations:

How Much More Space Will I Get?

Curvi In standard showers, the distance from wall to curtain is about 22” wide. Curtain cling from airflows reduces that space to as little as 18” wide. Curvi gently curves your curtain out by about an extra 3" to 5”. So you can enjoy up to 27” from wall to curtain. Compare 18” to 27”, that's 50% more space. Happy bathing!
Would a heavier outer curtain affect the curve? The decorative one I currently have is fabric and heavier than a vinyl or plastic curtain.
Curvi Great question. It all depends on how heavy your outer curtain is. If it's thick like towel cloth, then Curvi will push it out enough for you to enjoy a bit more space inside. But honestly, the lighter your outer curtain, the better.

Any plans to make one for a shower stall that does not have a tub edge to hold it inside?

Curvi Not yet. A tub edge is essential. Otherwise water would escape the tub.

Will Curvi Lift Out of My Tub?

Curvi No, it shouldn't. Although every home is different, most standard shower rods are about 65" above the top of the tub. And standard curtains and liners are 72" long. Since Curvi starts from a higher point above your shower rod (about 3"-4") we made the liner extra long 80". That's plenty of fabric to stay in the tub at the bottom.

Won't the Curve Cause Leaks?

Curvi Absolutely not. Curvi closes the gaps that cause messy leaks. Curvi is a 100% waterproof 6-gauge PEVA liner. It is also extra long 80". So the liner stays snug inside your tub.

I have a standalone shower stall (not a tub). Will your full size Curvi work? Can it's width be trimmed with scissors to 54"?

Curvi Technically, yes. There are 6 fins across a 72" wide liner. Therefore, if you cut vertically somewhere between the 6 fins, you would get the width you need. Although we urge you to be careful with scissors :-)
Could you explain how the liner is washed ? At first I thought you'd only have to remove the hooks. But further into your video it seemed as if you'd somehow need to remove these bent triangles.
Curvi The curtain comes pre-assembled to specially designed rings and folded "fins". It attaches with baby snaps. I'll film a video showing how easily easily they come on and off. Great suggestion!
The fins will not need to be washed, is that correct? I mean they sit on the outside so they shouldn't go bad, right?
Curvi You are correct, the 6 rings+fins are on the outside, so there's no reason for them to get wet or need cleaning. You could just sponge-clean them, if necessary.
Couple questions - will this work for a stall sized rod (can Curvi be cut width wise to fit) and could some of the height be cut (will the product still function)?
Curvi You absolutely could cut Curvi in half for a stall. I'm actually thinking of making "halfsies" for gyms and dorms. And you can cut the bottom, too, if 80" is too long. These customizations should not affect space-creating function. Just be careful with scissors :-)

How well will this work on a curved rod? Will it boost space even more?

Curvi Terrific question. Although Curvi is designed to install on a normal straight shower rod -- so no extra remodeling is required -- it could also fit on a 1" diameter curved shower rod and then deliver MONSTER space!
I’d really like to understand why you are taking my money 60-75 days before the product ships. Usually there is no money transacted until the product ships.  What happens to my funds if you cannot get to production?
Curvi Pre-ordering is a legally binding agreement that allows small businesses like me to collect funds and run production. I would never abuse your trust. If I can't deliver, you get all your money back. Please see I can refund you now, if you feel more comfortable. But I'd rather still count on your support.  Let me know, or call me any time.