Curvi Inc.

7 Reasons to ❤️

1.❤️ More Space

Using the ancient art of Origami, Patrick the Inventor created "pleats" that curve out naturally. It's a neat balancing act that keeps the liner away. This project was 100% funded in 3 days on Kickstarter. Millions of people of all shapes and sizes are annoyed by curtain cling. 



2.❤️ Up in 1 Second

Pre-attached liner and EasyHoops™means the entire system is up in a flash right out-of-the-box. No rings. No hard clips. Fits any 1" diameter rod, including 360° rods for clawfoot tubs, L-shaped rods and even curved rods).


3.❤️ Machine Washable

All showers get gross. It's inevitable: just nature at work. Well, say goodbye to YUCK. Our machine-washable fabric shower liner keeps its premium finish wash after wash. After all, we don't throw away our bed sheets or pillowcases when they're dirty. Why are shower liners any different?


4.❤️ Save Money

Stop spending on throwaway plastic junk. If you change your plastic liner every 6 months, you're spending at least $30/year. Our waterproof fabric liner is a lasting value because it is designed to be machine washable.


5.❤️ Zero Plastic Waste

A typical shower liner contains as much plastic as 1,800 straws. If you change your liner every 6 months, that's the equivalent of throwing away 10 straws a day into landfill or the ocean.


6.❤️ Pick Your Style

With the amazing SPACE™ System inside, pick from different optional styles outside. No rings necessary, simply snap on!



7.❤️ Less Cost & Hassle

Why bother with installing new hardware like rings, a liner+curtain and a curved shower rod? Keep your regular straight shower rod. Then hang the All-in-One SPACE™ System. You'll enjoy just as much elbow-room ... for less money and hassle.

No Remodeling Hardware