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Own Your SPACE®


You Get

Gifted product ($50 value) + Affiliate link (earn $5/unit sold). US-based creators APPLY HEREOnce you complete an initial collab, we invite top performers to our SPACE Creators Community for ongoing monthly (paid) partnership.

You Deliver

At least one video post + rights-free video file (.mp4 or .mov). We might feature you in our promotions. You don't have to submit content for pre-approval. But I'm happy to provide guidance or advice, if you need. Create as often as you want to earn affiliate commissions.


Unbox the SPACE® Expanding Shower System: a unique and highly demonstrable invention. Creators have had great success using our product to deliver original and engaging content that their audiences love.

Creator Brief

  • Be practical and innovative. Show before and after. Strike any pose, if you want to be in the shot. If not, just show how much more shower space is created.
  • Some good examples include our original video demo (by Patrick the Inventor) and Madison's TikTok, our first UGC Creator.
  • Pick your favorite features. Include them in your video/caption:
    • Enjoy more shower SPACE®
    • Folding top expands naturally.
    • Arrives assembled. Up in seconds. Just pops on. No rings.
    • Premium textile liner is machine-washable.
    • Save Money & Planet

Creative Freedom & Support

Throughout the collaboration, you'll be working directly with me, Patrick the Inventor. I'm an experienced producer and marketer. My philosophy working with artists is simple: be clear and supportive upfront, then let go! Let creatives find their unique voice.


A Few Helpful Do's & Don'ts

  1. Boundaries: Have fun with the shoot. Be creative. Shower curtain cling is silly and ripe for humor. There's no harm in being quirky, fun, artsy, stylish, even a bit sexy. But no nudity or "bathroom humor", please. We are a family-friendly brand.
  2. Framing: Let someone film you, or set up your camera a few feet away. Don't try the "arm-length" selfie. It's too close and gives a crowded look, the opposite of what we want to demonstrate.
  3. It's not about body size: Everybody loves space, not just big & tall people. Even a petite lady enjoys the luxury of extra shower space; it’s like a business-class upgrade.
  4. LegalMust use #ad or #MoreShowerSPACEPartner to comply with FTC guidelines. Also, use the tags #MoreShowerSPACE and #OwnYourSPACE
  5. Check Your Shower