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Frequently Asked Questions

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How does it work?

Just pop it on your normal shower rod. See our video. Our 4-in-1 instant upgrade arrives fully assembled. It just works, right out of the box. Patented folding top window creates space by naturally expanding away from your body. It's a neat balancing act. You don't need to "do" anything (except perhaps to be sure your shower rod is securely installed 6"+ above your head in the first place).

SPACE solves everything that was wrong about old shower curtain liners. No more cling. No more rings. No more leaks. No more repeat-spending on single-use plastic that gets gross.

It's just a cool shower curtain liner that stays away from your body. Enjoy more space, more light, complete privacy ... all with less hassle, less mess, less expense and less waste! Machine-washable liner is easy to clean, saves you money, and produces zero plastic waste!


How much more space will I get?

As much as 50%. Here’s how we calculate that: standard shower stalls are about 22” wide (from wall to curtain rod). Water and airflows cause curtain cling, which can reduce showering space to as little as 18” wide. The SPACE® System adds an extra 3" to 5” (measured from the shower rod above). So 22” + 5” = up to 27” at elbow-level. Compare 18” to 27”, that's +50%.


Will the SPACE® Liner lift out of my tub?

No, it shouldn't. Although every bathroom is different, we made sure the fabric liner stays inside along the lower tub ledge. And the length is adjustable (74" to 80") to fit most shower standard bathtubs.


Will it cause leaks?

Absolutely not. We hate leaks, too! That’s why we include 2 optional lily pads with every SPACE® System. They hold it wall-to-wall, keeping water in and cold air out. We also designed our shower liner with plenty of fabric length, so it stays in the tub below.


Does my shower need a tub edge?

Yes, and we recommend one at least 6” high to hold the liner inside and keep water from leaking out. Some users have had success with tub ledges as short as 2.5", but they adjusted the shower rod height to ensure a perfect fit.


Will this take up more space outside the shower?

No. The product was designed very carefully so that it angles away from your body, but no further than the outer tub ledge, precisely to avoid crowding the other side.


How do I machine-wash the liner?

Easy! Just detach the liner’s 8 buttonholes (no snaps, no clips) and wash in delicate cycle (no bleach). Then reattach to hang dry (no heat). No kidding! For stubborn stains, some people have had good results with a bit of bleach.


How often should I machine-wash the liner?

We recommend monthly, but it varies, depending on local water quality, shower frequency, bathroom humidity, and many other factors. Bacteria stains will happen naturally. So keep an eye on the bottom hem of the shower liner: if it looks dirty, it is probably time to wash it along with your regular white laundry. If the stains don’t come out, some people have had good results using bleach. It all depends how long bacteria has had time to accumulate. That’s why we recommend a monthly wash.


Does the folding top window need to be washed?

No, just wipe it clean with a soft sponge and mild household cleaner from time to time. The top of any shower enclosure dries first, so it rarely gets all that dirty.


Will it fit my shower?

Probably. It is designed for all standard bathtub showers. Your shower rod should be 4 to 5ft. long, at least 6" above your head and at least 4” below the ceiling. And your tub ledge needs to be at least 6" high.

It won't fit:
  • thin rails or ceiling track
  • narrow stalls less than 4ft. wide
  • low-ceilings like in RVs

    How do I pick the right size?

    The liner is adjustable length 74-80" so it's designed to fit most standard bathtub showers. Just make sure your shower rod can be set securely 6”+ above the tallest bather. Higher rod = More space. If any bather is over 6ft. tall, then raise your shower rod to 78-84" to ensure the folding window won't be too close to the tall person's head.


    Will this work on a curved shower rod?

    Although the SPACE® System is designed for standard straight tension shower rods -- precisely so no new hardware or extra remodeling would be required. But if you already have a curved rod installed, our SPACE® System will fit if the rod is 1” diameter and no more than 5 feet (60”) around the curve. Some curved rods are too long. So be sure to measureSPACE® Window opens 60” maximum.


    Can this work on a clawfoot tub with a 360° overhead shower rod?

    Maybe. Just consider two things:
    1. Shower Rod Height
      Vintage clawfoot tubs usually have low shower rods. Make sure it is at least 6" above your head.
    2. Full wraparound
      How much curtain coverage will you need? In standard tubs, "width" means wall-to-wall, but for clawfoot tubs with a 360° shower rod, there is no wall, just continual curtain coverage. So you're probably already using 2 or 3 shower liners, each 72” wide, right? So I suggest you consider 2 SPACE® Systems, one for each tub side, and one half standard plastic liner behind the shower head.


    Can I keep my shower curtain?

    Yes. If you love your outer decorative curtain because it’s the perfect color and style for your bathroom (we get it) then use our SPACE® Hooks to hang it up. They come in a set of 8 and go directly on the 8 hoops of the SPACE® Window. You get the best of both worlds: more space inside... and keep your decorative style outside!

    Tip #1: be sure your outer curtain is long enough, since our hooks start 3" above the rod.
    Tip #2: don’t hang an extra-heavy outer curtain, it will push back and cancel the extra space inside. The lighter your curtain, the better. We recommend under 20 ounces (1.25 pounds).


    Do the SPACE® Hooks start all the way to the top so my curtain covers the window?

    Yes. SPACE® Hooks clip on the hoops, 3” above the rod. When you hang your own decorative curtain, it will fully cover the window, liner and tub.


    Can I hang my shower curtain with my 12 rings?

    You can, but it's not recommended. If you install our SPACE® System and try to hang your own curtain outside with 12 old shower rings, they might interfere and tangle with the 8 SPACE® Hoops. The numbers don't match. And you might not like the look. When we tried it, the ringed curtain didn't fully cover the SPACE® Window: hoops would show above. So we designed the SPACE® Hooks to solve that incompatibility, and allow you to get full coverage while hanging your own style decorative curtain outside.


    Can I just buy the folding window separately and hang my own shower liner on it?

    No. Your shower liner probably has 12 grommet-holes that require 12 shower rings. As such, it won’t fit the SPACE® Window, which has 8 buttonhole pegs. That is why our SPACE® Liner has 8 buttonholes. It’s uniquely designed to fit the SPACE® Window. Together, they are the SPACE® System.


    Does it need time to off-gas after shipment ?

    Great question. The answer is no, because the liner is premium polyester textile (100% odor-free) and the folding window (which is medical-grade PVC) has had plenty of time to “off-gas” after manufacturing. At most, you might detect that "new car smell" typical in many vinyl products, like beach balls, inflatable mattresses, food packaging or medical pouches. It disappears after 24 hours. It's harmless and comes from plasticizer, the common way to soften PVC from it's naturally rigid state.

    Do you have your own collection of outer decorative curtains?

    Absolutely. See our Decorative Exterior Shower Curtains for SPACE®, then pick your style. They cover the liner and tub. No hooks necessary: 8 buttonholes fit directly on the SPACE® Window, without covering the SPACE® Window. This design choice was intentional: to fully display the cool geometric pattern of the folding window. This brings an architectural design and modern style to your bathroom. The visible window also allows more light into your bathing experience, while maintaining complete privacy. If that configuration is not your preference, consider our SPACE® Hooks to hang your own full-length decorative shower curtain outside.


    How is this better than a curved shower rod or a Hookless shower curtain?

    The SPACE® System combines the benefits of BOTH those products for the cost of just one of them, and NO install hassle. Shower curtain "technology" hasn't changed since showers appeared in the late 19th Century (with indoor plumbing). Then about 25 years ago, curved shower rods delivered extra space. And Hookless curtains were faster to install. Terrific innovations! Now we found an original way to combine the two: an all-in-one solution at one low price.


    What’s the inventor’s story?

    Standing tall at 6’3”, Patrick the Inventor felt cramped in the shower. And he wasn't alone -- not in a Psycho kind of way -- but *millions* of bathers of all shapes and sizes felt the same way. Naturally, his idea came while standing in the shower. He had seen curved shower rods. But what a hardware hassle! Why not just curve the shower curtain instead?

    The SPACE Window took years to develop. Patrick was inspired by Origami folding art. Beyond space, he also wanted to solve everything wrong about bathing with an old shower liner: the cling, the rings, the leaks, the yuck, the single-use plastic waste. (See full story)


    Why bother inventing this?

    Are you kidding me? Too long have shower curtains crowded our space. Too long has the dreaded shower curtain effect brought that cold, wet curtain up against our bodies. Today, we push back!


    How did you come up with the SPACE® name?

    Well, we originally named the product “Curvi” because we were obsessed with competing with “curved shower rods”. Then, someone correctly observed that the product isn’t “curvy” at all: it’s geometric and angular because of the folding window lines and pleated liner. Second, “curvi” evolved in popular culture to mean "sexy plus-sized lady lingerie". Nothing wrong with that... but our product is a shower solution for people of all shapes and sizes. We were still searching for a new brand name, when one day, a banker denied us a small business loan by saying “I just don’t think people will care for a plain white shower liner.” To which Patrick the Inventor replied: “I don’t sell a plain white shower liner. I sell SPACE!” And that's how our brand was born.


    Where is it made?

    Invented in the USA, it is globally sourced using the highest-quality components for the best price from different locations in Taiwan, China and the USA. They are all hand-assembled in the USA.


    Why does it cost so much?

    Because of the cost of the high-quality materials we use to make it. And you just need to buy it once. So you save money. Keep it clean and keep it forever (machine-washable premium textile liner). I’m proud that SPACE® delivers a 4-in-1 upgrade. To get the same value, you'd need to spend at least $90 on a curved rod ($40), a dozen rings ($10), three shower liners annually ($30) and splash guards ($10). Plus the installation hassle and constant ring-changes.

    Why bother with all that? Why keep repeat-spending on single-use plastic. We don't throw away towels or bedsheets when they're dirty, do we? So why has the shower curtain industry convinced us to keep feeding them $15 every 3 to 6 months? Because they sell disposable junk to keep us hooked. So it only looks "cheap". And one old plastic shower liner is 2,000 straws worth of non-recyclable plastic. I'm on a mission to improve our daily showers, save us money and reduce single-use plastic.


    What’s your policy on REFUNDS & RETURNS?

    You deserve to be 100% satisfied. But Refunds & Returns on a shower product? Well, it depends:

    • YES, it is eligible for a refund or replacement if you change your mind, it doesn't fit, or you discover a defect within 10 days of receipt and do not use it with water. If there's a defect, please email us a photograph, which will help us improve quality control. But this is optional. Regardless, we will send you a return shipping label (free if you paid for outbound shipping). Repack and send the original box. Once we get it back, we’ll send you a free replacement, or process a 100% refund of the item cost, minus 10% restocking fee and any return label cost (if you got free outbound shipping).
    • NO it cannot be returned if you install and bathe with our product, even once. It is a "personal care" item, like socks or underwear. For hygienic reasons, and the safety and consideration of essential workers, we ask that you not return a used personal care item.

    Do you ship internationally, outside the USA?

    Unfortunately not, at least not yet. Global shipping costs for an individual unit are higher than the product itself. We need to work with a wholesale importer, country by country. Hopefully we can expand soon.