More Shower SPACE®

12 Reasons to Love Our Unique Shower Curtain

1. More Space

Patented top folding window creates space naturally. Simply angles away from your body. It's a neat balancing act.

unique shower curtain, patrick showing shower space

2. Up in Seconds

Arrives 100% pre-assembled. Works right out of the box.

unique shower curtain, patrick setting up curtain


3. No Rings Necessary

No snaps. No clips. No fuss. Just pop it on any standard 1" diameter shower rod.

4. Fits Most Shower Rods

Up to 60" Wide, which reaches wall-to-wall.


5. Easy Clean

Folding window is made of stain-resistant, medical-grade PVC. Water beads off fast! Dries quickly. Only needs occasional sponge-wipe with mild household cleaner.

6. Machine Washable

Say goodbye to YUCK. Textile liner maintains beauty, wash after wash. Delicate cycle, no bleach, hang dry. Easy!

recycle shower curtain, machine washable liner

7. Premium Textile

SPACE® Liner 100% polyester, Teflon® waterproofing, mildew-resistant. SPACE® Curtains 100% polyester, silky-soft microfiber.

8. Save Money

Stop repeat-spending on single-use, throwaway plastic.

9. Zero Plastic Waste

Just one old disposable shower liner = 1,800 straws. If you replace your plastic liner every 6 months, that's like throwing away 10 straws / day. 

10. Stylish Options

With SPACE® Liner inside, enjoy amazing decorative options with the Exterior Decorative SPACE® Curtain. Still no rings necessary, just 8 easy buttonholes. Offers full tub coverage.

11. More Light

Clear or frosted window allows top illumination, but with complete privacy.


12. Splash-Guards Included

Keep water in, and cold air out.