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Unique Shower Curtain

SPACE® Liner

$ 39.99

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SPACE® Liner

$ 39.99

Want more space inside and your own curtain outside?

We get it. You already have a decorative style. So we designed 8 drapery hooks that pinch-hold your curtain onto SPACE® Liner. Up in 8 seconds!

on't use 12 old shower rings. They will tangle and not cover panels fully anyway.)

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      More space inside. Up in seconds. Machine-washable:

    • keep clean
    • save money
    • zero plastic waste

    • How it works:

      Arrives 100% preassembled. Just pop it on your shower rod. Patented panels tip out naturally, create space at elbow and knee-level, and flex like an accordion as you open/close. Frosting lets light in and protects privacy.

      Complete system 72" x 80" extra-long:

      • Panels (made in USA) 100% recyclable polypropylene. Sponge clean.
      • Fabric liner (made in China) 100% recyclable polyester, 8 buttonholes, Teflon® waterproofing, mildew-resistant. Machine wash in delicate cycle, no bleach, no heat, hang dry.

      Recommended Configuration:

      • Height: rod 78" to 84" from floor
      • Clearance: 4" free space above
      • Length: rod up to 62”
      • Diameter: 1"
      • Style: works on standard straight rods, curved rods, L-shaped rods and 360° rods for clawfoot tubs.

      About Pre-Orders:

      They allow small businesses to fund production. My name is Patrick the Inventor and I would never abuse your trust. Just ask my hundreds of backers on Kickstarter. Your pre-order is a legally binding promise. If I can't deliver, you get your money back. No questions. No fine print. See no-nonsense policy. If you rather wait to order after production is finished, please join our waiting list. But you miss out on FREE SHIPPING ($10 value) that will expire on ship-day, expected on January 31, 2020.

      "I hope it becomes the standard in homes everywhere."

      – Mike R.

      "I haven't been this excited about a shower curtain since I finished my enlistment in the Navy."

      – Herb S.

      "Great product and am sold on it!"

      – Mike. B.

      Andrew LiszewskiProduct Reviewer (Gizmodo)
      "Makes Your Shower Feel Like a Spacious Luxury Spa."

      – Andrew Liszewski
      Product Reviewer (Gizmodo)

      "I just love my Curvi. I was afraid it would look like a contraption and take over my tiny bathroom. It is really just the opposite. If the artist Christo designed a shower curtain, it would be the Curvi. It is like showering under a fluffy cloud. I love it so much I threw my shower curtain away. It feels light and clean, yet durable, and provides just enough extra space to make showering much more comfortable; again, without being too much. My guests all ask where they can buy one. Bravo!!!"

      – Gary M.
      Early Product Tester

      Kaddy F.Early Product Tester
      "As a professional organizer I always encourage my clients to go with the solutions that bring the most bang for your buck! The price is perfect, the installation is fast, you keep your bathroom design scheme, AND gain space in the shower! I love shaving without the curtain touching me!"

      – Kaddy F.
      Early Product Tester