More Shower SPACE®

Creates Space Naturally

See video: Patented panels simply angle away from your body and flex like an accordion as you open & close. Frosting lets light in while maintaining privacy.

Zero Plastic Waste

Premium textile. Easy clean. Lasting value. Saves you money. Stop repeat-spending $20 on throwaway liners.

As Seen In

Early Product Testers

"I hope it becomes the standard in homes everywhere."

– Natalie R.

"Great shower space curtain and am sold on it!"

– Mike B.

"Makes Your Shower Feel Like a Spacious Luxury Spa."

– Source's Andrew Liszewski, Product Reviewer (Gizmodo)

"As a professional organizer, I recommend it. The price is perfect, the installation is fast, you keep your bathroom design scheme, AND gain space in the shower! I love shaving without the curtain touching me!"

– Kaddy F. Early Product Tester