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Alternative to Curved Shower Rod

Why pay for pricey curved shower rod?

Where did these twisted monsters come from?

More shower space is such a feeling of luxury and personal freedom that as early as 2004, millions of hotels and homes underwent expensive refurbishment to bolt-in curved shower rods. But they are not an ideal consumer item. Firstly, they are bulky metal contraptions whose weight and toxic chroming process are quite eco-unfriendly. Hence the hefty price tag: $50 on average.

Ever try installing a curved shower rod?

Some say it's easy. Some say it's hard. We say: why even bother? The new SPACE® Expanding Shower System curves the curtain, not the rod, and delivers as much extra room at a fraction of the cost. No remodeling and no hard "bar" crowding outside.

How do you even install a curved shower rod?
Curved shower rods are a hassle to install. And they always sag.Well, it requires a complex installation that involves drilling, bolts or high-tension springs. That makes them prone to improper installation. That is why most US residential showers still have standard (straight) shower rods. But without a curve, we suffer cling-prone curtains that continue to fly freely.

The SPACE® Liner will also prevent leaks better than anything on the market today: by keeping the curtain snug up against the tub and wall, the SPACE® Liner closes the gaps that cause messy leaks. Whereas curved rods, even if they are the slightest bit mis-installed -- which is often -- will tend to "sag" and in so doing, will cause the curtain to bunch up toward the middle of the rod, creating a large gap between the curtain and wall: which can cause a big leaky mess.

Curved Shower Rod Sag 

Buyer's Remorse: Graveyard of Curved Shower Rods

Below are actual listings of people trying to re-sell their curved shower rods on Craigslist. This explains why curved rods are so cheap now. The market is flooded with them, both pricey name brands and cheap imitators.


 Curved shower rod for sale on Craigslist - Curved shower rod for sale on Craigslist  


Maybe they bought a curved shower rod and ...

  • asked a handyman to install it
  • handyman couldn't muster courage to get off the couch to install it (so it stayed in the garage)
  • handyman mustered the courage, but still couldn't install it (so it went back to the garage)
  • handyman improperly installed it (which led to either leaks or domestic disharmony, likely both)
  • buyer decided to get a drill, put on a mask, grit her teeth and bear it
    Drilling for a curved shower rod
  • buyer felt immediate remorse about the budgetary and ecological wastefulness of throwing out a perfectly good straight shower rod
  • the ugly markings left on the wall by the original straight shower rod became visible (not the same spots where curved rod must go).
  • it just didn't fit the shower enclosure
  • it fit, but the "bulge" interfered or obstructed some other bathroom feature (door, cabinet, window, toilet or mirror).
  • it fit and worked, until it began to "sag" because tight fit or bolted fixtures gave out
  • it ended up on the curb, awaiting proper burial