More Shower SPACE®

Amazing Shower SPACE®

$ 39.99

Your Shower. Your SPACE®
Your Shower. Your SPACE® This could be your shower SPACE® Cool modern design Shower SPACE® Easy-attach SPACE® shower liner with 8 buttonholes on SPACE® panels, accordion shower curtain liner Patrick the Inventor is 6'3" and shows how he created more shower space with the Amazing SPACE® Liner SPACE® Shower Liner creates space naturally Cool packaging. SPACE® Shower Liner & Panels are 100% preassembled. Out of the box and onto your shower rod in seconds. SPACE® diagram, shower curtain design, stylish options

Already have an exterior curtain style? That's cool. But don't try to use old standard shower rings: they'll tangle with SPACE® Panels and won't offer full coverage anyway. Use our 8 drapery hooks. Invisible from outside. Fully covers shower rod and tub ledge.

Guaranteed first delivery (est. 04/07) plus free shipping, $10 value. I am Patrick the Inventor and I value your trust. Just ask my backers on Kickstarter and see my easy shipping & returns policy.


Enjoy More Shower SPACE®Amazing SPACE® is up in seconds. just pop it on.No rings required. Amazing SPACE® fits any standard shower rod.Amazing SPACE® is easy to keep cleanAmazing SPACE® is Made in USA, Baby!

How It Works

Patented panels create space naturally, simply angle away from your body and flex like an accordion to open & close. See video. Frosting lets light in while maintaining privacy.


Amazing SPACE® is Machine WashableAmazing SPACE® is premium polyester textileAmazing SPACE® saves you money. No more repeat-spending on throwaway shower liners.Amazing SPACE® produces zero plastic waste.Exterior SPACE® Curtain has many stylish design options

Size 72" x 80" extra-long

  • Panel: 100% recyclable polypropylene, sponge clean (Made in USA)
  • Liner: Premium polyester textile, 8 buttonholes, Teflon® waterproofing, mildew-resistant, machine-washable in delicate cycle, no bleach, hang dry (Made in China)

Fits on Most Shower Rods

  • Height: 78" to 84" from floor
  • Clearance: 4" free space above
  • Length: up to 62”
  • Diameter: 1"
  • Style: straight rods, curved rods, L-shaped rods, 360° rods for clawfoot tubs

What makes SPACE® the best shower curtain liner? Ever.

Shower curtain "technology" hasn't changed in 100+ years. Then, 25 years ago, curved shower rods delivered extra space, while Hookless® curtains were quick to install and machine-washable. You see them in hotels. Now SPACE® combines the benefits of both products ...  for the price of just one. Discover 10 reasons to love our unique shower curtain.