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Amazing SPACE® Panels & Liner

$ 39.99

Amazing SPACE® Panels & Liner
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Already have an outer curtain style? Use our 8 drapery hooks to hang it on the SPACE® Panels. Invisible from outside.

Don't use your 12 old shower rings: they'll tangle and not fully cover the Panels.

Best Shower Curtain Liner. Ever.

More space

Up in seconds. No rings necessary.


Keep clean. Lasting value. Save money. Zero plastic waste.

How It Works

Curves out naturally, keeps away from your body. Patented panels flex like an accordion as you open & close. No assembly, just pop it on your shower rod.

Size 72" W x 80" extra-long

  • TOP: Frosted panels let light in while maintaining privacy, 100% recyclable polypropylene, sponge clean (Made in USA)
  • BOTTOM: Premium textile liner, 8 buttonholes, Teflon® waterproofing, mildew-resistant, 100% polyester, machine-washable in delicate cycle, no bleach, hang dry (Made in China)

Fits on Most Shower Rods

  • Height: 78" to 84" from floor
  • Clearance: 4" free space above
  • Length: up to 62”
  • Diameter: 1"
  • Style: straight rods, curved rods, L-shaped rods, 360° rods for clawfoot tubs

    When Can I Pre-Order?

    I will re-open to pre-orders when I am sure that I can ship. You'll get guaranteed first delivery, plus free shipping. I am Patrick the Inventor and I value your trust. Just ask my backers on Kickstarter and see my easy shipping & returns policy.

    What makes SPACE® the best shower curtain liner?

    Shower curtain "technology" hasn't changed in 100+ years. Then, 25 years ago, curved shower rods delivered extra space, while Hookless® curtains were quick to install and machine-washable. You see them in hotels. Now SPACE® combines the benefits of both products ...  for the price of just one. Discover 10 reasons to love our unique shower curtain.