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SPACE® Liner

$ 39.99

SPACE® Liner
SPACE® Liner SPACE® Liner SPACE® Liner SPACE® Liner SPACE® Liner SPACE® Liner

$ 39.99

More space inside. Up in seconds. Machine-washable:

  • keep clean
  • save money
  • zero plastic waste

  • How it works:

    Arrives 100% preassembled. Just pop it on your shower rod. Patented panels tip out naturally, create space at elbow and knee-level, and flex like an accordion as you open/close. Frosting lets light in and protects privacy.

    Complete system 72" x 80" extra-long:

    • Panels (made in USA) 100% recyclable polypropylene. Sponge clean.
    • Fabric liner (made in China) 100% recyclable polyester, 8 buttonholes, Teflon® waterproofing, mildew-resistant. Machine wash in delicate cycle, no bleach, no heat, hang dry.

    Recommended Configuration:

    • Height: rod 78" to 84" from floor
    • Clearance: 4" free space above
    • Length: rod up to 62”
    • Diameter: 1"
    • Style: works on standard straight rods, curved rods, L-shaped rods and 360° rods for clawfoot tubs.

    About Pre-Orders:

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