Hurry! Grab yours 🫶 before we sell out again. 😢

By Patrick Raymond

Good News and Bad News.

So bad news first: product samples of version 2 didn’t pass quality testing. Well, they passed 11 out of 12 tests, but that isn’t good enough. Although we achieved every correction and improvement you asked for, the last test revealed a flaw in the material composition: still too soft! So the panels warp and bend — much less than version 1, mind you — but still enough to compel me to make the wrenching (and costly) decision to halt mass production. I’ve asked you all to be patient, and you have been. Now I must ask you wait a little longer.

Because here’s the good news: this new version is amazing in every other aspect! We suffered a material failure on only one part, not a design failure. New suppliers have already submitted bids. We’ll quickly test their material and creasing/sealing methods, and jump straight into production (which is surprisingly quick). I could give you an estimated timeline, but it would only reflect our collective impatience! All I can say is it’s likely a matter of weeks, not months.

As soon as we pass all 12 tests, I will open the store to pre-orders. Meanwhile, all Kickstarter backers and version 1 customers can still expect your free replacement.


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