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By Patrick Raymond

May the ­čÜ┐ SPACE┬« be with you

Happy Thanksgiving! Hoping you are staying safe & sane.

I've missed you, my dear friends and lovers of shower space. Apologies for not writing sooner. Last update was August. My bad.

Now there is much to tell. Firstly, we shot a new video. Try to spot the cool new product detail ...

Did you see it?

Yes, we added 2 splash-guards with suction cups! They keep the window fully extended wall-to-wall, up to 60 inches.

Keep water in and cold air out. This is your daily sanctuary.

SPACE Expanding Shower Liner


Secondly, we added more decorative designs.

These are optional extras. You can add them outside while the SPACE® Liner is inside.

Pick your style: Decorative Exterior Shower Curtain for SPACE®

Lastly, some of you have asked if custom sizes will be available? The answer is yes!

Everybody's bathroom is unique, and one-size does not always fit all. So you can expect Stall (narrow) & Stretch (extra-wide) and Tall & Short (length) options soon.

Meanwhile, our current item fits most standard tub showers: 60"Wall-to-Wall x 80"Extra Long.

Why install a curved shower rod? Try SPACE® Expanding Shower System.
Something to smile about every day.

Happy Bathing !

Patrick the Inventor
~ Patrick the Inventor

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  • I believe you stated at some point that you were doing to send another more improved version of your products to those of us who backed you on Kickstarter. IÔÇÖm still waiting.

    Nina Pierre on

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