Summer Sale! Grab yours 🫶 before we sell out again. 😢

By Patrick Raymond

Now Accepting Pre-Orders !

Now Accepting Pre-Orders !

After a Tik-Tok hit in January, we sold out in a week! So we upgraded to a new factory. And I am delighted with their work!

So we're now accepting pre-orders. We expect to ship by March 31 on a first-come, first-served basis. But it might sell out again before then. So pre-order now. It's the surest way to secure your SPACE®.

Tell your friends, too! Who wants to put up with a psycho shower curtain ?

May the SPACE® be with you !

Patrick the Inventor

@moreshowerspace Pre-Order Now. Previous stock sold out in 1 week. #moreshowerspace #spaceliner #showerliner #showercurtain @notyourmomsshowercurtain ♬ original sound - Patrick the Inventor


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