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Countdown to More Shower SPACE® ... 9 days to go!


Hi everyone. I hope you're all keeping safe.

Many of you have asked if we’re still on schedule given the current crisis. The answer is yes, I expect production to be finished around April 7. That’s 1-week later than I wanted, but it has nothing to do with the virus, believe it or not! It was just a technical delay with one of the new pieces of equipment. This happens when you’re using new machinery for the very first time.

Frankly, I was expecting a shutdown. But the American factories that are making our product also manufacture highly regulated items like food packaging and medical equipment. Because of that, they are classified as “essential“ to the national supply chain. This includes our distribution facility, where our item will be assembled and shipped.

All our suppliers follow strict CDC protocols. They do a full disinfecting wipe down every hour. Workers are in gloves and masks. It slows things down a bit, but it’s worth it. There are no cases of infection that I am aware of, and I speak to them almost every day.

I would go work on an assembly line myself if I could, but I’m in lockdown here in New York City. But I’m fine. I work from home and we use video conferencing to review all engineering and logistics.

So, the machine-washable Shower SPACE® will be on Amazon some time later this week. And I’m extending the pre-order special with free shipping until April 7 on

You can feel good about what we’re doing together: keeping people working while keeping everybody safe.

Bye for now!

~ Patrick the Inventor

PS: Here's our latest schedule



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