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By Patrick Raymond

Final Countdown to More Shower SPACE®


Hi everyone. I hope you're all keeping safe and sane.

Sorry for disappearing for the past 3 weeks, but I caught Covid-19. My case was mild, but that’s like saying I was mildly hit by a truck. Really, my friends, this disease is awful. Don’t catch it. I was never in any danger, because as bad as my symptoms were, friends kept checking in on me and my symptoms didn’t worsen. I just stayed here in my room in New York, in and out of feverish sleep. I'm much better now. I went for a walk in the park today … with a mask, of course … and it was wonderful to get out and take so many deep breaths. I’m feeling very lucky and grateful.

So back to work. Last we spoke, I told you that March 31 was the manufacturing deadline for my suppliers. And they all delivered on time. The boxes, the bags, the fabric shower liners, all done. And I’m happy to say that here are the actual parts: hoop and panel. These are stain-resistant, double-polish plastic, custom made in the USA. Water beads right off, so they dry super-fast. Notice also how they’re a beautiful diamond white. The original was too translucent. This is better because it lets light in while ensuring privacy.

Our First Assembled UnitWe assembled one complete item 10 days ago. And it was close, but didn't pass final inspection. See these stressmarks in the top corners? They’re not supposed to be there. The product still works fine, but it doesn’t look right. I can’t release this. Our machine needed a new part, which we ordered right away, in the middle of a global pandemic, not knowing when it would arrive. Well, it arrived today. So our machinist is making the change on Monday. Let’s give him a few days for fine tuning, then we should be ready to go. The machine is very quick. I’ve been calling him almost every day. He hates me by now. And this factory also makes plastic medical equipment and food packaging, so we have to accept whatever place they give us in the production line. These are good people doing a great job in stressful circumstances.

So there you have it. I emerged healthy from Covid confinement to find mass production almost finished and hundreds of people like you are on the waiting list to buy my product. Things could be much worse. Like I said, I’m feeling very lucky and grateful indeed.

Happy Labor Day!


  • Great news, Patrick. So sorry to hear you’ve been through the virus experience, New York had certainly taken the biggest hit.

    PS I have received updates from both KS and email at different times, so I presume I’m already in the system.

    Andrew Keegan on

  • Glad to hear that you beat this bug! Stay safe! I’m excited to get the new & improved one! I’m sure it will be better than the kickstarter one i have!

    Kierria Eaton on

  • Wow, Patrick! I’m so glad you’re healthy and safe after such an ordeal. Thanks for being vulnerable and sharing your story.

    I’m also grateful for the ability to comment on you post-Kickstarter updates. Look forward to the next one.

    Ben Rosenthal on

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