Hurry! Grab yours 🫶 before we sell out again. 😢

By Patrick Raymond

Oops... I did it again!

Alas, I missed another self-imposed deadline. I’m so eager to ship, that I tend to see things too optimistically when it comes to this new supply chain. But as one backer correctly told me recently, I’d be better off under-promising and over-delivering rather than the other way around. I take full responsibility for how I've handled the delivery of news and updates. I’m sorry.

So here we are. Delayed again. It’s the same part holding everything up. The Machine that makes our pleated window requires more fine tuning. It’s not cutting well enough, creasing deeply enough or sealing with enough accuracy 100% of the time. I just can’t release a product with even 1% of errors in it. Shallow creases + Rough cuts = Bad folds = Bad seals = Bad breakage = Bad leaks!

Notice Our Perfect Vinyl on the Machine

Now I’m assured by the Lords of the Machine that this sort of mechanical problem is a) typical for new manufacturing equipment and b) only requires another week for final tests and tweaks. The closest analogy I can think of is that of a desktop printer -- that keeps jamming -- but once the cartridge and paper are set right, the sheets print out quickly and correctly.

So although I am deeply disappointed -- and I am sure you are also -- there is no reason to feel uncertain. We will ship. I just can’t say exactly when. Because now, even though the Machine is likely to be working 100% very soon, other key partners and workers in our supply chain (for packaging and delivery) have started to go on vacation. In truth, they’re all contractors, so they don’t technically owe me prior notice. And everybody is entitled to vacation.

Now I understand why they say that disruptions in supply chains can “ripple” long after the original bottleneck has been solved. So if you ask me when you can expect delivery ... I've learned my lesson ... and will only answer "before Labor Day, we hope". I wish I had better news. This has been a long summer.


~ Patrick the Inventor

PS: Oh, if you ordered a decorative curtain, the selection email still hasn't gone out. I have withheld it until production of the main parts (window & liner) is complete. But I have found a lovely collection of curtains that we can easily customize to fit on the window. You're going to love it! Please allow me more time to program the web pages with new images.


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