Hurry! Grab yours 🫶 before we sell out again. 😢

By Patrick Raymond

Shipping in progress ...

OK, so many have asked, and let me say that we will ship soon, possibly Wednesday, but we remain beholden to our window & assembly/fulfillment partners. I will no longer publish or pass along the time projections they make because any number of events can (and do) make those prediction come undone: sickness, partner vacation time, 3rd party transit delays, larger clients taking precedence, bumped from job queue, etc.

I can only say with certainty what I have observed personally: most (though not all) windows have been received, pre-assembled with a liner and folded into boxes. I'd like to ship to everybody in one go (it's fair to all, and faster anyway).

Believe me, nobody wants this done more than me: we are sold out, and I have been working on this (unpaid, with no other job) since October 2017. I am eager to replenish and scale up operations with some larger (and faster) partners.


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