Summer Sale! Grab yours 🫶 before we sell out again. 😢

By Patrick Raymond

We See the Finish Line

The trucking company delivered our pleated windows a full week late. No excuse or explanation given. Welcome to my world :-(

But hey... they made it. And they're in fine condition. Our manufacturing partner did a great job. Please bear in mind that even while using The Machine, every complete window had to be painstakingly hand-cut, hand-creased and hand-sealed. To make one, they had to perform 23 "shots". That's been very slow, and expensive, but it's done!

And as promised, you will receive your pleated window pre-assembled with the snap-on liner. We need time to do that at our local assembly facility. Then we fold, wrap, box and ship to you. Expect your notification next Wednesday.

Tell your friends ... less than 6 days to pre-order at pre-retail price.

Happy Bathing!

~ Patrick the Inventor


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