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By Patrick Raymond

Start the Presses!

Well, the factory tour in Oshkosh, Wisconsin was simply amazing! Our new network of suppliers and partners includes plastics experts, tooling & equipment gurus, master printers and dedicated assembly workers. We went over every detail of the new designs and manufacturing requirements.

I can't share photos, but here's an image for you to consider: over dinner, the master contractor said he never imagined he'd end up in the shower curtain business. Neither did I, was my reply. We laughed and raised our glasses!

Now we'll need to buy some custom machinery for mass production. Expected delivery is 6 weeks. Although the equipment can run at impressive speeds -- and I was hoping to ship your units before Christmas -- I think it's safer to wait until everything is in the shop and fully tested before I make any bold predictions on shipping dates. But I am feeling more confident than I ever have. Our engineering specifications were reviewed, refined and validated by some of the most impressive manufacturing professionals I've ever met.

Stay tuned for more frequent updates from now on. I will soon re-open my online store to pre-orders.


Patrick the Inventor


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