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By Patrick Raymond

Production is Starting

Yes, it's true. Production is starting, at long last!

This improved version is simply amazing: no buckling, no vinyl smell, no snaps. To all my early customers, thank you for your patience and support during this seemingly endless phase 2 of product development.

We should ship around January 31, 2020. I have emailed you all individually asking if I need to update the mailing address I have on file for you. Meanwhile, if you care to donate $10 for second shipping costs, I would certainly appreciate it. But this is purely voluntary. I'll ship your free replacement regardless.

Alternatively, you can help my small business and earn cash for yourself: invite your friends to pre-order, they get FREE SHIPPING, you get $5 per order. But hurry! They must order before ship-day, and while quantities last.

As always, I answer all inquiries personally. Message me or call (888) 856-7622.

May the SPACE® be with you!

Patrick the Inventor

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  • Dear Patrick,

    just found your idea on kickstarter. it looks really interesting.

    We are a German family business and have a product line for bathroom accessoires for people with special needs – including a range of bathroom fittings like curtain rails etc. so your product would fit perfectly into our range and would be really interesting.

    Would it be possible to get some more information on the product? do you have already a sales partner in Germany and Austria?

    Looking forward to your replay,



    Benjamin Rieger on

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