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Production is Starting

Production is Starting

Yes, it's true. Production is starting, at long last!

This improved version is simply amazing: no buckling, no vinyl smell, no snaps. To all my early customers, thank you for your patience and support during this seemingly endless phase 2 of product development.

We should ship around January 31, 2020. I have emailed you all individually asking if I need to update the mailing address I have on file for you. Meanwhile, if you care to donate $10 for second shipping costs, I would certainly appreciate it. But this is purely voluntary. I'll ship your free replacement regardless.

Alternatively, you can help my small business and earn cash for yourself: invite your friends to pre-order, they get FREE SHIPPING, you get $5 per order. But hurry! They must order before ship-day, and while quantities last.

As always, I answer all inquiries personally. Message me or call (888) 856-7622.

May the SPACE® be with you!

Patrick the Inventor

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