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By Patrick Raymond

SPACE® Video Update: February 2020

I’ll start by stating the obvious: we did not ship last month. But we will ship! Here’s a video demo of the progress we’ve made and what’s next.

Here’s a synopsis ... our Kickstarter campaign proved:

  1. People want more shower space!
  2. My patented tipping effect works!
  3. All-manual production method is slow and costly.
  4. Product testers identified design improvements.

The product now passes 12 out of 12 testing requirements. But in order for me to reopen the online store, guarantee pre-order delivery and ship free upgrades to hundreds of early backers like you, then I need the capability to reliably make thousands of units every month. For that, we need to be able to mass-manufacture 7 components at optimal cost, quality and speed:

  1. Box
  2. Bag
  3. Liner
  4. Hoops
  5. Pleated Panels
  6. Optional Exterior Curtains
  7. Optional Drapery Hooks

They are all ready … except #5. It's not a problem with the material. It's that after weeks of applications and disclosures, we were repeatedly led-on -- then ultimately denied -- equipment financing for the "pleating" machine. So this month, we switched to a different creasing method. It's a bit slower, but it involves a more common machine available at many US contract manufacturers. So next week, I’ll shoot another video with these announcements:

  • Production schedule for part # 5 from the actual factory
  • Introduction to my teammates who helped me make this all possible
  • License offer: lend to our small business, get your money back plus earn a royalty
  • Non-cash ways you can also help (shareable creative assets)

Any questions? Simply email me or call (888) 856-7622.

May the SPACE® be with you!

Patrick Raymond, Inventor


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