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Latest News from Patrick the Inventor

  • Behold the Magic Window! - More Shower SPACE®

    Behold the Magic Window!

    At long last, we created the perfect material for Curvi™ pleated windows. It has the ideal balance of physical attributes -- like weight and “Goldilocks” flexibility -- and it performs well in the Machine for creasing, folding and sealing. Furthermore,...

  • The Lords of the Machine - More Shower SPACE®

    The Lords of the Machine

    Apologies for the delay. I kept hoping to be able to publish an update sooner, but I needed to wait for suppliers and partners to deliver definitive answers (not “maybe’s”) so that I had reliable news to announce. Now, I...

  • May the Space Be with You ... Very Soon.

    I'm so sorry, everyone. I've obviously missed the April ship-date. But rest assured, this is my top personal and professional priority. Things are going very well... albeit late. As many of you know, a crowdfunding project does not have specific deadlines...