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Latest News from Patrick the Inventor

  • SPACE® Video Update: February 2020 - More Shower SPACE®

    SPACE® Video Update: February 2020

    Patrick the Inventor describes his progress in the manufacturing process and demonstrates the 7 product components.
  • Production is Starting - More Shower SPACE®

    Production is Starting

    Yes, it's true. Production is starting, at long last! This improved version is simply amazing: no buckling, no vinyl smell, no snaps. To all my early customers, thank you for your patience and support during this seemingly endless phase 2 of product development....

  • Start the Presses! - More Shower SPACE®

    Start the Presses!

    Well, the factory tour in Oshkosh, Wisconsin was simply amazing! Our new network of suppliers and partners includes plastics experts, tooling & equipment gurus, master printers and dedicated assembly workers.
  • USA, baby! - More Shower SPACE®

    USA, baby!

    It's official: we will manufacture version 2 here in the USA! In the next week or two, I will visit our newest factory partner in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.
  • Good News and Bad News.

    So bad news first: product samples of version 2 didn’t pass quality testing. Well, they passed 11 out of 12 tests, but that isn’t good enough. 
  • Free Upgrades with Mass Production

    OK, my friends, here's where we stand.

    In 2018, I spent $80,000 in time, materials and equipment to fulfill $15,000 in orders. If I had to do it all over again, I would ... because you all supported my project! And I gained a lot of valuable learning.